COVID 19: यूट्यूबर भुवन बाम हुए कोरोना संक्रमित, लोगों से की ये जरूरी अपील
भुवन बाम (Photo Credits: Instagram)

यूट्यूब सेंशेन भुवन बाम ने रविवार को अपनी इंस्टाग्राम स्टोरीज पर घोषणा की कि उनकी कोविड-19 रिपोर्ट पॉजिटिव आई है. भुवन ने लिखा, "बीते कुछ दिनों से तबीयत खराब चल रही. टेस्ट के नतीजे आ गए हैं और मैं कोविड -19 से संक्रमित हो गया हूं."

उन्होंने लोगों से एहतियात बरतने की भी अपील की. भुवन ने लिखा, "इस वायरस को हल्के में मत लेना, मास्क लगाओ, खुद को सैनिटाइज करते रहो और सामाजिक दूरी का पालन करो."

भुवन बाम हुए कोरोना संक्रमित

इससे पहले नामी यूट्यूबर आशीष चंचलानी के परिवार के लोग भी कोरोना संक्रमित हो गए थे. जिसकी जानकारी उन्होंने सोशल मीडिया के जरिये सभी को दी थी.


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I wanted to tell you about this at the very start, but me and my family decided not to disclose it soon. Few weeks back mummy and papa were tested positive for covid-19. Not only mummy papa but my uncle,aunt, my nephew Adi (yes that little kid) & even my cousin brothers from ACV team jashan and tanish tested positive for corona We got the permission for home quarantine for all of them except my chachu and chachi who were in the hospital. (Now they are back at home) We isolated Mummy, papa & adi in their rooms and took extreme care of them The first 2 days hit me and muski hard We were anxious and very scared, the thought of it sent shivers down our spine We were too emotional Hearing about it since last 4 months in news and seeing it up close and personal are 2 very different aspects of coronavirus. We are so lucky and blessed that my family did not face severe consequences, CANT EVEN IMAGINE WHAT POOR PEOPLE MUST BE GOING THROUGH. The person that helped the most was muskan, never in my life did i see this girl act so responsibly! Mummy papa kept telling me to work since last month, But in the middle of it i couldn’t bear it with all the anxiety and emotions so i decided to just go off internet Today i am very happy and proud to share a good news with you all : Mummy-Papa fought covid-19 like true warriors and have recovered from it. Chachu,Chachi,Aditya,Jashan & Tanni are recovering from it🙏 We all decided to disclose this news only when everyone recovered because this year already had a lot of bad news and we did not wanted to contribute more to it. The last weeks showed us a lot, it was a very moving time and it taught us to value the most important people of our lives. I request you all to take extreme precautions and be very cautious in this time.Please apna aur apne family ka dhyaan do I am hoping we all get a vaccine very soon so that no one else suffers this traumatizing pandemic. Mummy papa it feels good hugging you after so many days I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Thank you for being there everyone Take extreme care of your family. @anilchanchlani @deepachanchlani @missmcblush @jashansirwani @tanish_sirwani

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आपको बता दे कि 26 वर्षीय यूट्यूबर भुवन बाम ने अपने यूट्यूब चैनल 'बीबी की वाइंस' से प्रसिद्धि हासिल की थी. वाइंस बनाने के अलावा वह गाना भी गाते हैं. 'हीर-रांझा', 'सफर' और 'बस में'- ये उनके कुछ ट्रैक हैं.